Bonnie Porter Greene
Look Up Mural Project 2019

look up

NB. I’m in the process of facilitating a mural in the CBD of Nowra in late October, 2019. More info in the first image below or here


The Look Up project came about from years of noticing moments of odd beauty in my home town (and everywhere I go really!). Moments I know not everyone notices, and wanting to make sure they aren’t overlooked or assumed to be eyesores.

The Look Up project aims to introduce passersby to the seemingly overlooked beauty in whatever location it is installed.

It was first installed for Micro Galleries, Nowra in May 2015.

Wandering through the laneways of Nowra, Australia you may have come across small signs on the ground, urging you to look up. Part of the excitement of this ongoing project is finding the right location for the signs. Do they encourage a passerby to notice the rusted grill on a window? The out of place but gorgeously coloured doorway? The old shop signage or facade?

The aim is that passersby might chance upon the signs and look directly up from where they are standing and notice that there is beauty in the decay as well as the lovely historic buildings. 

The Look Up project will help facilitate the your appreciation of these seemingly unnoticed moments and I hope that you might discover the other small moments of beauty that may not be so obvious and remember to look up, not just from your phones but from the preoccupation in your day and start to develop an appreciation of the alternate beauty of your everyday surroundings.

I'd love to send these all over the world for anyone to install. I don't have to be there to install them. Get in touch if you are keen!