Bonnie Porter Greene

food photography

A place for my new thing. Are you a cafe or restaurant? Sick of your beautiful food being ruined by the crap-ness of your phone photos? Contact me for pricing. hello @

A new direction of learning for me. Something I’ve been wanting to pursue for years. From way back when the kids were toddlers and my vegetable garden was prolific and I spent hours every day in there. A place I’d love to get back to. Not the toddler years, but the gardening years. When I planted the Kaffir Lime tree, the heritage apples, the plum, the olive tree and all the other fruiting trees I’m grateful for now. Fresh produce, home grown produce, local produce. It makes me feel more connected to the earth and more in tune with the seasons. Something that is vastly lacking in our supermarket society. I’m not perfect, I shop at the supermarket, but more and more i’m feeling drawn to go back to how we used to shop, super local - eggs and potatoes and rhubarb on the side of the road - and from the garden as much as we could. It was in this time that I was ready to plant out the entire grass verge with edible plants. The only thing that stopped me was the neighbours car that was constantly parked there. All this talk to explain why food photography? Because it is a way to force me into learning how to use my DSLR properly. Because saying things out loud to others makes you accountable. I booked into an Anisa Sabet x Bea Lubas Photography Retreat recently as a way of deep diving into learning, and to give myself a deadline. So the following photos are from my first three, unpaid shoots before that retreat. The retreat is a whole other high of learning, talking, eating and doing. [NB. the last 3 images on this page are post-retreat, having a play with shutter speeds, catching movement]

I know I have a LONG way to go on this journey, but it feels good to have started it finally!